Doula Services


Labor Doula Package

I will help you give birth with dignity & respect. My commitment is to support you throughout your pregnancy and birth however you need and help you have a positive experience of childbirth. I provide physical and emotional support & evidence-based information, advocating for you to have the birth experience you desire. 

Professionally trained and certified in labor support, I will help you get the information you need to make the right  choices for you and your family in your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I will support you with kindness and compassion. You cannot offend me or make a decision I won’t like. My commitment is always to you. This is a very special time in your life - it is an honor to help you in this transition. 

My birth doula services are available for all pregnant people, regardless of the birth experience you desire. I work in all local hospitals & birth centers and assist at homebirths. I support clients who are seeking unmedicated childbirth, vaginal birth after a Cesarean birth (VBAC), who are planning to have an epidural, who are high-risk for any reason, who are giving birth to twins or triplets, and who are having a planned Cesarean birth for any reason.

I am comfortable with any choices that you make and will support you non-judgmentally and unconditionally. I have extensive experiences in local hospitals and birth centers, and with the midwifery and OB groups at each,  as well as knowledge of the policies & practices at each location. I can assist you in planning for the birth experience that you would like. 

I offer a complimentary initial meeting at your home to discuss your plans and my services. After this initial meeting, if you hire me to be your doula, then we will also have one or two prenatal visits designed for us to get to know each other better. During these meetings I can answer any questions you have, we can talk through both what you would like in your birth and what you can expect in your labor, and we can practice breathing, positions, and relaxation techniques. I can assist you in creating a birth plan and in preparing for any questions you would like to talk to your care provider about. We can also talk about how you are preparing yourself and your home for your new baby. These meetings are tailored to your needs and desires, and I am always flexible to be of the greatest assistance to you. 

As your doula, I offer 24-hour phone and email support for you throughout your pregnancy and I am on-call for you from the time you hire me until you have your baby. I will provide physical and emotional support throughout your labor and birth including: relaxation and breathing techniques; assistance with laboring positions and techniques to help labor progress; physical support such as massage and counter pressure; and information, encouragement, and on-going emotional support. I will help you navigate the hospital (if you are birthing there) and be an advocate for you. Following the birth, I will provide initial help with feeding your baby and any continued support during your first hours postpartum. 

In your first week postpartum, I will make a home-visit to ensure your transition to parenthood or expanding your family is going smoothly. I can help with feeding, new parent self-care directions, emotional support, infant soothing techniques and newborn care, babywearing and cloth diaper assistance, and referrals to available community resources as desired. You will continue to have unlimited phone and email support throughout your postpartum period, and if you would like additional home visits, I am also available for postpartum doula services. 

For this labor doula package—including the prenatal visits, phone and email support prenatally, continuous labor support in your home and birth location, initial postpartum support, an in-home postpartum visit, and as much phone and email support postpartum as you would like—I charge $3400.

My services are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. If you feel you need a doula to provide other forms of assistance, please contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help you.

Prenatal, Postpartum, & Lactation Services

I am available for pre-conception and early pregnancy consults to help you navigate your options as you plan for your prenatal care and birth. We can discuss the various birth locations available including differences between NYC hospitals, local birthing centers, and home birth. I can also help you identify doctors or midwives who match your preferences. We can work on a birth plan at this point or I can return later in your pregnancy to offer private childbirth education services.

Private classes tailored to your schedule and needs provide you with preparation that is specific to your birth location, care providers, desired birth plan, and your pregnancy. My classes are arranged in your home (or location of your choice), and are available for individuals/couples or for larger groups if you have friends or neighbors you would like to share with. My fee is the same regardless of class size.

My private childbirth education classes are a space for sharing evidence-based information about your pregnancy and birth options with attention to helping you have a positive experience, whatever your plans or needs. You can get hands-on training in childbirth coping techniques including: practicing breathing, laboring positions, massage, and counter-pressure. I can help you with prenatal strategies for optimal baby positioning, creating a birth plan, packing your hospital bag, and reviewing your baby supplies. These classes can also include information about expectations postpartum, healing and self-care in the first weeks after your birth, and lactation education. 

Private chest/breastfeeding and newborn care classes are also available. Classes are tailored to your requests and can include the benefits of nursing, expectations in the early weeks including frequency and duration of feeding sessions, signs of success (and signs that you need help), positions for nursing, how and when to pump, common feeding problems and solutions, and resources for getting help. We can also discuss the available support at your birth location and strategies for the greatest success. Newborn care classes can include information about skin-to-skin contact and bonding, newborn soothing techniques, swaddling, sleeping, bathing, babywearing, diapering, infant massage, and developmental stages in early infancy.

As a postpartum doula I offer non-judgmental support for new parents, mentoring and aiding you as you nurture your new baby and transition with the growth of your family. Postpartum care is always tailored to your specific needs, with flexible and respectful assistance throughout the beginning of your child’s life to help you relax, recover, and enjoy your baby. 

Services can include emotional support, talking through your birth experience and answering any questions you have, education in newborn care, techniques for soothing a cranky or tired newborn,  new parent self-care directions, babywearing lessons, cloth diapering demonstrations, and caring for your baby while you shower, eat, enjoy time with your other children or your partner, or nap. I can also offer support and guidance in formula feeding, pumping and bottle feeding expressed milk, and chest/breastfeeding. 

Postpartum visits are always available for existing birth doula clients and are available as my schedule permits for people who are not already clients. If you have just given birth and are feeling overwhelmed, please reach out and even if my schedule can not accommodate meeting with you, I am always happy to help you find immediate support.

My fee for prenatal consults, private classes, and postpartum services is $150 for a session, up to 2 hours, and $75/hour after the first 2 hours. These meetings are typically are scheduled in 2-4 hour sessions. On occasion, I also offer video, phone, or text support for people who live further away or are not looking for in-person support. Please contact me about these services so we can discuss how best to meet you needs.

My goal is always to tailor my services to your needs. If you feel you need some other form of prenatal or postpartum support, please reach out so we can talk about how I can help.